CommissionApp plugs directly into your CRM and automatically generates commission reports for your sales team


Connects to CRM

(Currently Connects to HubSpot and - Coming Soon - SalesForce)
But also works as stand along Web application

Automated Data Transfer

Data is automatically synced with the CRM database, API, Excel and CSV

Multi Calculations Formulas

Highly customizable Commission formula creation features built into the system

Multi User / Multi Location

Calculations for multiple users on multiple locations in your organizations

Instant Commission Reports

Ability to generate and run instant commission Reports

Reports in Various Formats

Export of reports to EXCEL, CSV and PDF



  • Free Trial
  • Free

    (Free 14 Days)
  • Monthly
  • $49

    per month
    (Charged After Your Free Trial)  

  • Yearly
  • $490

    per year
    (Charged After Your Free Trial) (Save 2 Months)


Step 1

Signup - Generate an API key in and sign up via

Step 2

Setup your Commissions - Click '+ Add Commission Formula' to create a multi layered commission.

Step 3

Apply Commission and Run Report - Select the appropriate commission formula for each user and Run Report